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Work Assessment Physical Exam Information

Non-DOT physicals are medical examinations conducted for purposes other than meeting the specific requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). They are typically performed to evaluate an individual’s overall health, assess specific medical conditions, or determine their fitness for certain activities or positions.

Common types of non-dOT physicals:

Pre-employment physicals

Pre-employment physicals: Pre-employment physicals are conducted to assess the overall health and physical fitness of job applicants before they are hired. They help ensure that candidates are physically capable of performing the essential functions of the job and can help identify any medical conditions or limitations that may require accommodation or affect job performance.

School physicals

School physicals: School physicals, also known as back-to-school physicals, are routine examinations conducted to assess the overall health and well-being of students. They often include checks on growth and development, immunization records, and evaluations for any medical conditions that may affect a student’s ability to participate in school activities.

Post-offer physicals and fit-to-work assessments

Post-offer physicals and fit-to-work assessments: Post-offer physicals, also referred to as fit-for-duty or pre-placement physicals, are medical evaluations conducted after a job offer has been extended to ensure that the individual is physically capable of performing the required tasks. Fit-to-work assessments are similar evaluations conducted for existing employees who are returning to work after a prolonged absence due to injury, illness, or other medical reasons.

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